If the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything it is the power of information and how it is used. The pandemic was a perfect storm. How Covid -19 arose is not understood, how it is spread is not fully understood, how dangerous it could be is not known , does it have mutations , can you be infected more than once, are some people more likely to get it –the questions are endless. Into this maelstrom is poured mountains of statistics and guess what – each set can be interpreted in a different way and just about anything can be read into the, Result –confusion, annoyance, disbelief, fake news and on occasion, panic.

There are clearly lessons to be learned for organisations. Information shared with employees needs to be clear, and easily understood. It needs to relevant and realistic (warning note to ambitious brand managers re sales forecasts) and reviewed and updated on a regular basis. If the information shared fails to meet these standards, credibility suffers, and disenchantment grows.

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